A New Christian Arts Festival in the North East of Scotland


Sightline Festival aims to provide an annual platform for Christian artists/groups involved in the creative & performing arts to come together in the North East of Scotland to celebrate God’s creative expression through faith-inspired performances and projects that join us together as one church.

We are starting small but seek, with God’s grace, to grow to become a beacon of artistic expression and discovery that will facilitate transformational change in our lives and community.

We look to include “Arts” in the widest sense, in all forms, digital and traditional, including dance, theatre, plays, craft, and music. However, as a Christian Arts festival we seek to engage with, and support, artists and groups whose output and central ethos is consistent with the Christian faith and have as their primary purpose the propagation of Christian truths and ideals. Some artists will work overtly with Christian themes while others will embrace broader themes but with their Christian faith providing the foundation to their practice and outputs.

Check out the festival website at: sightlinefestival.com

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